Apuseni Experience Difference

Our environmental and ethical policy

Fair trade travel – we pay people with the fair wage for the services that they provide to us and we make sure that nothing we do in the mountains or in our office exploits people.

We encourage learning about local cultures- our trips have an educational component, both for the traveler and for the local people. We encourage you to learn about local culture and we design our trips according with this principle. We believe that our trips are designed in order to facilitate you not merely to see but to understand. Our environmental and ethical policy

Local guides and local services – we use in our programs as much as possible, local services and local people. This is good for the local communities, because we support them to become self sustainable and reliable and is good for you too, because you can have a better interaction with the locals, and experience their way of life in a direct manner. Please note that we never combine groups (unless you want this) together, so you’ll always have your own personal guide, taking care only of you and nothing else.

Small groups: we promote travel in small groups: 4 to 12 people and very rarely to 15 people. That allows us to interact with you much easier and to keep a good quality of the entire trip. The group’s dynamic is much better and you enjoy your holiday in a small, friendly group, instead in a large one.

Respect for local communities and their environment. Our guides and staff will help you to understand and respect the places and people you are visiting, so you’ll be more comfortable and enriched visiting them.

Leave No Trace: we work hard to leave fewer footprints in our office and in the outdoors. We take special care of the waste management in our trips, we use as much as possible sustainable ways for transport and eat and consume local products. In the office, we use recycled paper for all of our docs and we print all of our brochures on recycled paper. We were the first in this business in Romania promoting Leave No Trace principles among our staff, partners and customers.

Invest money and effort in conservation: we pledge between 5 to 10 % of our incomes after taxes into local projects that support nature and local culture conservation. We are active partners of the Apuseni Nature Park, Padurea Craiului Natura 2000 site and other protected areas and landscapes.

Why choose us

Specialized in Apuseni Mountains/Western Carpathians: we are a grassroots operation running trips mainly in the Apuseni Mountains. That helps us to provide a quality and authentic travel experience for you while supporting the communities and the nature we love. For trips in other areas of Romania, please have a look at one of our sister websites: www.transylvaniaexperience.ro or www.carpathianexperience.ro

A Flexible experience: you can choose what fits you best from our standard trips or design your own experience, using the information provided under tailor made trips section of this website. Fancy having a self-guide trips instead?, no problem, let us know and we’ll deliver it to you!

Flexible time: Most of our standard trips have established dates upfront, so you can have an easy life choosing to come in one of the available periods. However, if none of these periods are all right for you, we simply let you choose the period and the season, so you are entirely free to organize your travel.

Customer friendly approach: Our guides are able to meet most of your specific requirements and needs, whether it is a minor change in the itinerary or an unexpected transfer to the airport.

Attention to details: We plan our holidays meticulously, sometimes taking months, or even years, to fine-tune a holiday. The first step is to seek out areas which promise a thoroughly enjoyable, varied and fulfilling holiday. Certainly, we try to ensure that no two days are the same, and that the routes and suggested excursions are full of interest.. Last, but by no means least, we hand-pick the accommodation – we search for friendly, family-run guesthouses and inns of character where you’ll find a warm welcome and a dinner of delicious local dishes to round off each day perfectly.