Apuseni Experience team

PaulPaul Iacobas

Operations Director & Tour Leader

Joined Apuseni Experience in: 2001

At the tender age 35 years, Paul is already an Apuseni Experience old-timer. As a founder of the program in 2001, with several years as a tour leader where he specialised in hiking and trekking, Paul is now more an “office guy”. He also spent a year in UK studying Responsible Tourism Management and now he is trying to sell the concept in Romania too. As operations director, Paul’s mission is now to develop new trips, keep the contacts with our partners while maintaining Apuseni Experience’ spirit of adventure!

Expert in: Snowshoeing, hiking, trekking. 
Email me on: paul@apuseniexperience.ro


MikeMihai (Mike) Olenici

Product Manager & Tour Leader

Joined Apuseni Experience in: 2005

Before joining Apuseni Experience, Mihai worked for several years within the non-profit sector in the field of community development and, in parallel as trainer on organizational management. He has always been fond of wildlife, mountains and traditional culture and, soon after joining Apuseni Experience in 2005 he became an ecotourism guide.

Since then, he leads groups of tourists all over across Apuseni Mountains and, as a product manager he is the one in charge with designing ecotourism products and representing them to the potential clients.

Expert in: snowshoeing, hiking, trekking.
Email me on: mihai@apuseniexperience.ro


Sabin_08Sabin Muresan

Tour Leader and Guide

Joined Apuseni Experience in: 2008

Sabin is a long time friend and supporter of Apuseni Experience. He has been exploring the Romanian mountains for the past 15 years, enjoying in particular hiking, rock climbing and winter mountaineering trips. He has an extensive experience in leading youth and adult groups outdoors, teaching basic hiking, orienteering, survival, first aid, mountaineering and rock climbing skills as well. Sabin also climbed peaks and walls in the Alps, Caucasus and Mt. Kenya.

When he is not in the mountain, he is earning a living as a peace worker (working on peaceful conflict transformation and reduction of violence in various conflict areas) and as a community/youth/process/teambuilding trainer and facilitator. As of 2011 he is based at the foothills of the Apuseni Mountains, where he is presently focusing on community development, green architecture, writing and playing music.

Expert in: mountaineering, climbing and scrambling, hiking.
Email me on: sabin.muresan@gmail.com


TzupiSzabo Dezideriu (Tzupi)

Caving & climbing tour leader and guide

Joined Apuseni Experience on: 2009

Tzupi is our colleague and friend you can’t imagine being elsewhere than in the outdoors. He’s been doing caving, climbing and canyoning since ever but in the last years he has also specialized in managing adventure camps for youth and in leading corporate team-building.

After many years of collaboration with Apuseni Experience he has finally joined the team as a full member, being in charge with designing adventure outdoors activities and with leading groups of tourists.

It’s great to have Tzupi in our team. You can always count on him and on his legendary hatchback Dacia.

Expert in: caving, climbing, hiking
Email me on: contact@apuseniexperience.ro


Andrei AcsAndrei Acs

Wild flowers & hiking guide

Joined Apuseni Experience in: 2008

Andrei is fond of ecology, wildlife conservation and natural sciences and he is always willing to share this amazing world with travelers. With a great sense of humor and a passion for everything related with nature, Andrei is one of our best guides. When he is not guiding, he is busy with running a local environmental NGO specialized in nature conservation.

Expert in: wildlife, wild flora, hiking.
Email me on: acs_andrei@yahoo.com