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Apuseni mountains


meziad_panoramaThe Apuseni Mountains are characterized by a remarkable karst landscape, both for its extension and for its richness and variety of forms.

The main karst feature is the development of a particular underground hydrological network which has created a huge and amazing variety of relief micro forms, both above and underground.



About Apuseni Mountains

Apuseni Experience 40In Western Romania lies a splendid mountain plateau that is little known: the Apuseni Mountains (the” mountains at the sunset”), also known as Western Carpathians. The main access roads in the country swing around it, the towns are built at its margins. It’s a huge plateau cut in 2 by the scenic Aries River.

The Apuseni Mountains, are a world unto itself. Comprising a large variety of geographical forms, not very high (the highest peak is Bihorul Peak – 1849 m) but with breathtaking karstic landscapes and traditional livelihoods, hosting a rich fauna and flora, Apuseni Mountains are unique in Romania and, in many respects, in Europe.