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Our trips

Hiking in the heart of Apuseni mountains


On Padis Plateau, the heart of Apuseni Nature Park, hikers begin each day with a fresh approach to life, getting ready for a new challenge, while campers proudly display their hammocks for what promises to be another lazy day in the shade. At Cornel’s “terrace”, everybody greets each other with a familiar ‘Neata!’ (‘Mornin!’). La ‘belle vie’ of Padis, that wonderful, natural pace of life, surrounds the foggy glades. We invite you to experience it with us, from the greatness of Cetatile Ponorului karst phenomena to the textured karst relief of Sesul Padis. Walk through the labyrinth of the Lost World Plateau and explore the story of the water that creates it. 


Cycle the Apuseni Heartland


“La belle vie” spills over on this Apuseni Mountains bike tour. The textured landscape of the karstic plateaus of Zece Hotare or Runcuri capture a diversity and charisma that eludes description. Biking in this area is about discovering the slower pace of life, from savouring each flavour you create at our special barbecue evening to chatting with the locals as you bike through the villages. Pedal through quaint villages and picturesque valleys, explore mysterious caves and old traditions, relax in authentic guesthouses and relish delicious local cuisine. This biking trip offers the opportunity to indulge in all things at the perfect pace in the perfect place.


Wild flowers in apuseni mountains


Expand perceptions of reality (and nature) along the enchanting meadows and pastures of Western Carpathians. On the fringe of the Scarita-Belioara plateau, where the limestone meet the granite, somewhere between the real and the surreal, warm sunshine, winding walking paths, panoramic views, and local charm combine to create a truly unique vacation. From exploring altitude peatbogs to pastures blanketed by Arnica Montana, extinct in so many places in Europe, to the breathtaking views of Scarita Belioara with its rare, gentle and beautiful flowers, this Carpathian paradise offers the perfect blend of walking in nature and discovering rare wild flowers.


Celebrate spring in the mountains

Celebrate-spring-in-the-mountainsA Family Programme

Dinu’s hay-covered wooden house stands on the top of the hill, pastures of wild flowers blanketing the slopes. Inside, the flavors that define the Romanian cuisine: smoked pork ham, wine, home made bread and telemea (a type of sharp sheep cheese) are ready for the quick but tasty dinner. Mancati! (Eat!), says Dinu determined, but with a kind smile on his face. Consider it just a reward after the day’s scenic walking trip in one of the typical hamlets of these mountains. This Apuseni Experience 6-day spring trip will combine moderate walks and cave visits, with samples of Romanian rural life and easy-paced hikes in the typical mountain landscapes.


Trekking the lost world


A pack, a trail and yourself is everything you need. Think of it as Zen on foot: you eat when you’re hungry, you trek and you sleep when it’s time to rest. Despite the effort, roaming freely on the trail is satisfying in a way few things in our normally hectic lives can be. Crafted for the avid trekkers, the itinerary follows an imaginary line from north to south of the Apuseni Mountains, passing through forests, deep gorges, mountain pastures and karst plateaus, all in one: a true lost world. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views; gentle winds and great mountain people who live close to Mother Earth and always happy to share their view upon life with you, without asking you: “Why on Earth are you climbing the mountains?”



Romania-Apuseni-Experience-Alpine-Touring-Skiing-Picturefrom PADIS KARSTIC PLATEAU to CASA DE PIATRA HAMLET

The sound of frozen snow under your skis and your harsh breath are the only things that take your attention away from the glorious sunny day. In early mornings, if you're lucky enough, you can hear a capercaillie male calling for a female. Enjoy a holiday of alpine touring ski on the wide plateaus and deep forests of Apuseni Mountains, where animal tracks might be the only signs of movement and life. In the evenings, warm your hands above the fire and your soul over a glass of ‘crampa’ (boiled plum brandy), along with a traditional meal, in the Apuseni Experience style.


Discover the wonders of underground world

Discover the wonders of underground world

The location: The Bears Cave, Apuseni Mountains. The view: a collection of thousands of so called “spaghetti” stalactites, hanging from the cave ceiling. The setting: a large gallery, covered by layers of stalactites, stalagmites and columns, as far as an eye can see. On our weeklong caving trip to Western Carpathians, every day offers a blend of the region’s best natural settings, iconic caves, cultural immersion and easy-going hikes. Explore the wild of Meziad Cave, which shelter many species of endangered bats. Enjoy the coolness of Scarisoara Ice Cave, the largest underground glacier in the world. Come and experience the enduring welcome of the locals, let yourself amazed by the variety of cave formations, sample the local Transylvanian cuisine - in short: a true Apuseni Experience trip.


Snowshoeing in the highlands of western carpathians


Taste a little bit of the Transylvanian winter magic! Come and breath the fresh, strong winter air of the heights, follow the animals’ tracks in the deep, untouched snow, hike through endless forests and listen to their sound of silence. Stop on a snow caped peak and let your mind and soul fly while admiring the far landscapes on a sunny, serene day. Here, in Apuseni Mountains.